Prior to embarking on our great adventure to India and the Sri Ram Ashram, we set several goals for ourselves. One of these goals was the completion of the mural project.

The mural was seen as a wonderful way to leave a part of us at the Ashram after returning home. The mural was constructed on the outside of the pool by Danielle Fermin, Giselle Dino and Keisha Kipling from Group A, who created the majority of the mural, and Stephanie Bakalik and Ashley Materi. from Group B who added their touches to the left over canvas space.

Several of the children from SRA were also included in the construction of the mural. The final work saw a globe with children from around the world, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and the Jungles of India. Mixed throughout the mural were handprints from both MRU students and the children of SRA.