When you first arrive at the Ashram, one thing is certain — you become part of their family. And what a wonderful family it is. Regardless of where you come from or how you got there, everyone at the Ashram welcomes you with open arms. The children, even though many are not blood-related, call each other brothers and sisters. There is always someone to play with, talk to and laugh with in this family of more than 70.

Sibyl Bigler and Ashley Tymko, MRU journalism graduates, took a look at how important family is at Sri Ram Ashram.

Love Lives Here by Cheryl Garden and Christina Riches

Love Lives Here is a tribute to the Sri Ram Ashram family from the Mount Royal University, 2012 India Field School. Here, we share with you some of the amazing memories that we hold close to our hearts, some of the moments captured in photographs that tell their own stories, and some of the inspiring words you have shared with us. We noticed a striking theme when we put everything together – that love and life thrive at Sri Ram Ashram. Click here to buy Love Lives Here — all proceeds go to the Sri Ram Ashram.