Faculty and Student Research

Associate professors Yasmin Dean and Terry Field are currently conducting a research project on Inda 2014. The goal is to explore & analyze the motivations, expectations & experiences of students who participated in an international field school.

Dimensions of Social, Cultural, and Personal Awareness: An international education field school experience 
Poster presentation prepared for Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development annual conference; July 2014

Understanding the Student Experience in International Education Programs (IEPs)
Poster presentation prepared for Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) annual conference; October 2014

Donna Smith

Smith, D. (July 2014). Exploring identity development with children living at the Sri
Ram ashram in India. Presented at Joint World Conference on Social Work,
Education, and Social Development Conference. Melbourne, Australia.

Smith, D. (December 2014). Reason for hope! Understanding identity among
adolescents at Sri Ram Ashram. Presented at International Conference on
Strengths Based Practices. Hyderabad, India.

Smith, D. (March 2015). How identity development fosters hope and resilience for
children living in an orphanage in India. Presented at Alberta College of Social
Workers annual conference. Calgary, Alberta.